Increasing your competitive advantage with live calculations and tailored value stories

It’s a familiar situation. You’ve got an excellent health economic model. But field teams aren’t using it. Is it too complex? Have they received the necessary training? Can you be sure they have access to it?

Here, you can learn how a leading Medical Technology company uses BaseCase to visualize their health economic models. Making the model interactive, intuitive, and easily understandable for non-experts. This ensured that field teams were confident using the complex materials they had access to, minimized the training needed, and meant that distributing models and other materials was quick, simple, and secure.

Upon receiving feedback from field teams, our client also found that BaseCase apps were able to keep audiences engaged for much longer than traditional printed collateral, minimized the complexity of the sales process, and facilitated stronger value demonstrations through the use of live calculations and tailored value stories. All culminating in an increased competitive advantage.

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