The market access landscape is witnessing an irreversible trend where static stakeholder engagement material, such as slide decks and value dossiers, are being replaced with interactive mobile tools. Such tools have since become an integral part of market access strategies and communicating product value to stakeholders, so much so that they’re no longer a “nice to have”—they’re the new normal.

But how do you create, maintain, and roll-out these tools?

In this on-demand webinar, Atlanta Kassatly, VP of Consulting at Certara, presented and discussed industry-leading best practices for developing interactive mobile tools for stakeholder engagement and value communication. Highlights of the discussion included:

  • the potential of mobile tools to reduce inefficiencies in your content lifecycle management,
  • how to efficiently organize your mobile tool content,
  • tips and tricks on design decisions specific to life sciences, and
  • successfully rolling out mobile content in different markets simultaneously, and why this is crucial to a managed global roll out strategy for your brand.

About the speaker:

Atlanta Kassatly is Vice President of Consulting at Certara, in this role she manages the market access consulting department as a whole and oversees the development of all value communication tools. Joining Certara in 2013, Atlanta holds a 1st Class degree in Biological Sciences form the University of Edinburgh, in addition to a Master’s in Public Health from the prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her expertise stretches from the analysis of health systems and the role of different stakeholders within them, to modeling the clinical and economic impact of a given health intervention.

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