Fast, flexible and user-friendly

BaseCase is the leading value communication platform for the life sciences industry. It is the fastest way to integrate complex evidence—such as health economic models, real world datasets, and slide decks—into engaging mobile content. BaseCase removes the need for programmers, reducing costs and shortening timelines.

  • Update your content in the cloud, at any time
  • No code
  • Up to 4x faster
Take control of your content with BaseCase Toolkits

Toolkits lets you find what you need, fast. Easily browse content using an intuitive icon-based hierarchy, or use the full-text and category-based search options instead.

The look and feel of each toolkit can be customized to provide a consistent brand experience, and administration is simple, as complete toolkits can be shared in a single action.

Upload PDFs, slide decks, and other assets.

Customize your toolkit to match corporate branding guidelines.

Distribute your toolkit with a single sharing action.

Browse your toolkit using an intuitive folder-based hierarchy.

Find the assets you need with full-text and category-based search.

Share assets from your toolkit with customers during or after a presentation.

Maintain toolkits by centrally updating assets and re-sharing with a few clicks.

Common use-cases of Toolkits

Evidence repositories

Bundle all clinical evidence for your products into easy-to-search toolkits.

Product toolkits

Provide a single, branded access point to all your product marketing assets.

Global value dossiers (GVD) toolkits

Create GVD toolkits for your world-wide affiliates, search content by value message, and accelerate local dossier submissions.

Market access toolkits 

Bundle value communication tools, economic models, and objection handlers into comprehensive market access toolkits.