Fast, flexible and user-friendly

BaseCase is the leading value communication platform for the life sciences industry. It is the fastest way to integrate complex evidence—such as health economic models, real world datasets, and slide decks—into engaging mobile content. BaseCase removes the need for programmers, reducing costs and shortening timelines.

  • Update your content in the cloud, at any time
  • No code
  • Up to 4x faster
Better understand your customers, your field teams and your market with Data Capture

With Data Capture you can gain customer insights by recording their preferences during engagements, and refine your content based on feedback collected directly from field teams.

Map the market landscape by using interactive surveys, both internally and externally, and identify unmet needs and priorities with pre-launch customer engagement tools.

Add one or more interactive surveys to new or existing content.

Link the presentation layer to a survey and capture user inputs, without programming.

Capture data discreetly during presentations, or design your tool explicitly as a survey.

Download captured data in spreadsheet format for further analysis.

Common use-cases of Data Capture

Customer profiling

Gather data about your customers to create customer profiles and tailor your offering.

Market sizing

Record input fields such as patient population to accurately size up your market.

Market mapping

Understand the needs of affiliates and their stakeholders by conducting internal surveys.

Marketing feedback

Gather qualitative marketing feedback directly from your field teams.

Customer segmentation

Engage with customers pre-launch to segment your market and identify unmet needs.

KPI tracking

Integrate pre- and post-engagement surveys for field teams to track objectives.