Accelerating a Drug Launch with Value Communication Technology and an Integrated Workflow

Accelerated drug launches present great opportunities. But they also present numerous challenges. Driven by tight deadlines, content has to be created quickly. And quality cannot be compromised.

As part of Certara, accelerating medicines is what we do. And here, you can learn how we teamed up with our colleagues at Certara Evidence & Access to help a global pharmaceutical company successfully navigate an accelerated product launch.

Developing robust payer education strategies is tough and time consuming, even without accelerated timelines. But with our combined expert guidance and the use of our industry-leading BaseCase platform, a strategy was quickly in place that focused on unmet medical needs, new clinical end points, and demonstrating the economic benefit of the treatment.

The outcome of the project was a BaseCase Tool that guaranteed consistency in presented value messages, endpoints, and disease prevalence data throughout the region. While the integrated BaseCase-Evidence & Access workflow reduced the administrative burden, allowing the client to focus on their work instead of handling internal operational processes.

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