Pirana: A Leading Pharmacometrics Modeling Workbench

PiranaPirana-Academic-Licensing.png’s research tools nurture a connected, efficient, and impactful modeling and simulation environment.

  • Faster, easier model building: Pirana includes model templates and wizards, a library of goodness-of-fit plots (R), and model translation tools
  • Simplified model validation: Its built-in support for version control and audit trails enables traceability and reproducibility
  • Staying organized is effortless: Use Pirana as your electronic lab notebook for keeping track of model runs and results
  • Seamless access to open source tools: It interfaces with state-of-the-art population PK/PD modeling tools for visual predictive checks, covariate modeling, and bootstraps
  • A modeling workbench: Pirana works with NONMEM, R, Perl Speaks NONMEM (PSN), and Monolix
  • Flexible computing environments: Pirana is available in both a desktop and cloud-based version

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