Upcoming Certara University Webinars

Certara University is pleased to announce the upcoming Phoenix webinars.

Date: Thursday, December 17th, 2020
Title: Implementation of Gamma Distributed Delays Through a Fast ODE Approach
Speaker: Dr. Shuhua Hu
Time: 10:00 am EST

Dr. Hu will discuss how gamma distributed delay involves convolution of the signal to be delayed and the probability density function of the delay time that is assumed to gamma distributed. It is a natural extension of the widely used transit compartment model, and allows users to estimate the shape parameter instead of manually finding a proper one as required by the transit compartment model. The gamma distributed delay was implemented alternatively in Phoenix NLME 8.3 through a faster ODE approximation method proposed in (Krzyzanski, 2019). This makes it possible for some complex population analysis using gamma distributed delay. In this webinar, we will give an introduction to the gamma distributed delay and explain how to implement it in Phoenix NLME through some examples.

​About Our Speakers:

Dr hu headshot.jpg Dr. Shuhua Hu is a principle research scientist in the software division at Certara. Before she joined Certara in 2015, she had worked at North Carolina State University for ten years with research focus on mathematical modeling, inverse problems, optimal control, and uncertainty propagation and quantification in the area of biomedicine and engineering. She has published over 30 peer-review journal publications, several conference proceedings and book chapters, and a monograph “Modeling and Inverse Problems in the Presence of Uncertainty”, ISBN 9781482206425, 2014.
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